What is APF?

APF (or Android Printing Framework) is an development framework on Android which enable printing ability on Android based devices.

Developer can use the Application Programming Interface (API) in various ways to control a lot of things of printing without worry about hardware, protocol, sockets, or any complicated technologies.

In short, it works like printing system in a PC.

At end-user side, APF also provides with Printer Manager to manage all print related things on your devices. Developer will also like the built-in print option screen which allow you to embed into your applications with few line of codes. Moreover, the architecture of APF allow to create new drivers for APF

You can continue learning programming with APF with our developer guideline, or check sample codes to see how simple it is.




APF comes from a simple concept: simplify printing of your Android device with the comfortableness of anytime, anywhere, and in everyway.

    • Anytime: certaintly that APF does not sleep and rest. You can print whenever your device battery has power.
    • Anywhere: you can print on bus, in car, at your customer's office, on the bed, at the airport, or anywhere you feel  comforatable.
    • Everyway: you have a bluetooth picture printer at home, few older printers at the office using USB or Wi-Fi Lan, and even a shared printer by a Linux computer. You do not need to install bunch of stuff onto your precious phone to take those. APF can cover it for you.


Multiple method

Your Android phone now is powered with ability to print via USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, network shared printer, IPP, SMB, SNMP. No worry about compatibility on Linux or Windows network. Just print! Developer does not need to care about complicated terminologies such as communication, protocol, port, socket,...


Multiple file type

APF can handle various file types such as Ms Office (Word, Excel, Power Point), Open Office (Writer, Calc, Impress,..), TXT, PDF, PS, and most of popular images files such as JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF, PNG,…

Especially, you can print the web site with APF.

For developer, you can convert the content to PDF format then APF will do the remaining.

Supported printers

Most of popular printer brand names such as Canon, HP, Epson, Brothers, Samsung,… and more than 3000 printers model are supported. Moreover, by supporting Apple's driverless AirPrint protocol, APF becomes most powerful print SDK on Android. Let check our full printer list to find out whether your printer is supported.

Development framework

APF comes with API which allow you to control various aspect of your printing with the most convenience. PrinterManager, Printer, PrintJobManager, PrintJob, PrintOptions are basic classes and developers can do a lot of things with them. Moreover, you can buit-in Print Dialog screen to make your application more friendly. To learn and see what Android Printing Framework can do, check out developer guideline and sample source code.

Simple code

Let’s copy below code, correct the parameters, then run it. How easy!

PrintJob pj = new PrintJob();



int result = pj.print();

Of course you can do more and a lot with APF. Let check out Developer Guideline

Featured GUI

Even using phone or tablet, end-user will fill comforable with our GUI. It work as exactly as what a PC do. You can search a printer, set default with Printer Manager. You are also able to monitor print jobs and their status in Print Job List.

Developer can feature your application with built-in Print Option dialog. It is designed to work with multiple screen size. And best part is you can customize it the way you like with you logo, your style.

Full control of printing
  • Search available printers over USB, WLAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, shared printers, SMB, IPP
  • Add, update information and remove printer
  • Set, get default printer
  • Read printer attributes
  • Configure printing preferences
  • Print, pause, resume, and cancel a print job
Technical Specification
Android version 2.3~4.x
Supported file format PDF, TXT, PS


MS Office, Open Office (*)

Suppored printers

more than 3000 printers and AirPrint compatible printers

Printer management Yes
Print job management Yes
Advanced print options Yes
Wifi Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Shared printer Yes
Programming API Yes
Built-in Print Dialog Yes
HTML convertor Yes (*)
Printer and Print Job manager application Yes
Demo application Yes
Printer server Yes

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