Android Printing Framework


Basic questions about APF

1. What does APF stand for?

Android Printing Framework.

2. Do I have to search for printer every time I need to print?

No, you only need to search for the first time. After adding printer to system, you can select that printer to print without searching again. The procedure works as exactly as on PC.

3. How many printer models does APF support? How do I know whether my printer is supported by APF?

APF supports 3,000+ printer models. The list is still extending. To know whether your printer supported, just visit supported printers, type model and click Check button. Even if your printer is not in the list, no worry, just send a request to us, we will consider putting it in our development plan.

4. Does your APF support Canon Pixus printers?

Some printer manufacturers use the different product name for different market. For example Canon Pixma and Canon Pixus are known the same product line of Canon for Japan and US market. We never know the reason, we just need to remember these cases.

5. Does it support printing with multiple printers?

If you mention about printing from one android device using separate printers, then the answer is yes. You can print to as many printers as you want. Just remember to add to your system.

6. Do I have to wait for APF to complete printing before printing another file?

No, you do not have to. APF come with a spooler which allows you to send as many files to printer as you want. APF will keep all in a queue and process one by one. Does it save you much?

7. What version of Android can APF run on?

Android 2.x, 3.x, and 4.x.



8. Is it difficult to write a printing application?

Very easy with APF! With an APF pre-installed device, you only need 5 lines of code to include capability to print to 3000+ printer models. Check out the APF developer guideline for detail.

9. Can I modify the defau lt Print Option screen?

Yes, you can modify the Print Option screen as you wish. Check the APF developer guideline for help.


For device manufactures

10. How long does it take to port APF into target device?

Normally it takes about 1~2 weeks for porting and verification.

11. Which hardware have APF been tested?

    • Beagle Board Rev.c4 (TI OMAP3530 Processor-ARM Cortex-A8)
    • Armadillo-500FX (Freescale i.MX31-ARM11)
    • Shuttle xVision P10AN01 tablet (NVIDIA Tegra250TM Dual Cortex-A9)
    • Samsung Galaxy(Samsung Hummingbird S5PC110, ARM Cortex A8)
    • Motorola Milestone XT720 smartphone (TI OMAP3440, Arm Cortex A8)
    • Jorjin Ferret TI 3730 board (TI DM/AM37~ ARM Cortex A8)
    • Metalligence tablet (TI DM3730)
    • Freescale i.MX51(Freescale i.MX51 Applications Processor ARM Cortex A8)


Buy and Delivery

12. How do I verify the operation of APF?

IVC guarantees for the operation of all APF functionality before delivery. Then an additional verification is not necessary. However, if you are device manufacturer and you want to verify the compatibility of APF on target device, you have two options:

    • Buy the trial version for verification.
    • Send the target device then we will do verification for you.


For particular case, please contact us for information.



13. What does delivery package include?

The delivery package comes with SDK binary, drivers, library, print manager application, APF demo application, installation manual, developer guidelines, and APF reference.

14. Ok, I am very interested in APF, and I want to buy it. How much does it cost?

APF price include NRE and royalty fee.

The NRE is one-time cost, such as installation fee, customization,…

Royalty fee is an installation-based cost, which is calculated basing on particular business model.

Please send quotation request to our sales representatives with the detail requirement.

15. How to process the business?

A general business process is as below:

      • Request for proposal
      • Operation verification
      • Business agreement
      • Customization
      • Installation and test on target devices
      • Delivery
      • UAT








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