APF - Android Printing Framework



APF - Android Printing Framework on Metalligen pad



APF - Printing Manager on Android



Screen shot


  • printer manager informationprinter manager information
  • load printer driver automaticallyload printer driver automatically
  • print test pageprint test page
  • filter jobsfilter jobs
  • main screenmain screen
  • drag and drop filedrag and drop file
  • preview screenpreview screen
  • print dialog 1print dialog 1
  • print dialog 2print dialog 2
  • print dialog 3print dialog 3









StarPrint - Demo Android Printing Tutorial



Screen shot


  • main screenmain screen
  • select pictureselect picture
  • print previewprint preview
  • print settingprint setting
  • preview picturepreview picture
  • select printerselect printer
  • shared printer searchshared printer search
  • print processingprint processing
  • history screenhistory screen
  • store screenstore screen
  • about screenabout screen

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